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This sounds great, but I don’t even have a website

Don’t worry! At Dataney we help you develop your website and create your social media pages, so your company has the proper online presence. Contact us and ask for our customized packages. There are plenty of marketing options for your business, talk

How can Dataney help me?

Dataney’s services are aimed at helping small businesses to grow and manage accurate marketing campaigns. Our technologies give you the possibility of focusing on making money while we analyze your data to give you the best information for making business decisions. We

How does Data Analysis work?

Every customer of your business is a human being, he has feelings and habits. Every time he buys a product, clicks on a link or just post something new on Facebook, there’s a digital trace that helps you get an idea about

Does Big Data help me segment my customers?

It definitively does. It does not only help you segment your customers, it also helps you understand their purchasing behavior, how often they come to your business, how many products they buy and it also helps you pick the best day to

For what kinds of customers is local marketing effective?

Every neighborhood has its own characteristics , therefore each business applies different marketing tactics targeted to different consumer segments. These may be identified by socio-economic standing, demographic composition and purchasing values. In order to create a great local marketing strategy it is

What is Local Marketing?

Local marketing is also known as local store marketing or neighborhood marketing, it specifically targets the community around a physical store or restaurant. In this type of Marketing, the local population gets promotional messages. Local marketing can take several forms. For example,